ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited with its core plan in bridging the gap between the Employers and Employees while connecting African talents with the North Americans opportunities. In this plan has ITEN Travels continued to foster its talent search on African Talents who will be an interest for the Americans and thereby contribute to the economy of the country while at the same time building their skills for advancement of career for better future opportunities.

Ontario Employers' Connection Network

Work in Canada, Connect Directly with Employers and openings through ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited Canada

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Working in Canada

Working in Canada has been the dream of many foreigners and the Canadian dollar continues to grow in value, with the free flow of trade and investment back and forth across Canada’s borders which is contributing to a remarkable level of job creation. In January 2015 the unemployment rate in Canada reached 6.6%, the lowest level in over six years.

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Working In The United States

Although currently experiencing a slowing period, the US economy is resilient and is primed to improve in the coming months. Strong exports continue to buoy the economy and the dollar continues to rise in comparison to other currencies worldwide

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