ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited has different packages that can assist you in the process of migrating to the following countries

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. United Kingdom
  5. United States of America


Family Migration:

This Package is what we designed for the family who want to migrate from their own country to another country based on the countries on our database. we assist our clients to migrate and stay by them until they are stabilize.

for Processing of Family Migration Visa.

Student Admission and Visa Processing:

Processing of admission and student’s visa can be somehow hard for students who wish to study in the International Universities due to the complexity of forms, but at ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited, We find it so very easy because it is our line and we do achieve it in no time.

With students visa, students have lots of open opportunities which help them to get high profiled jobs and also become permanent resident after their study.

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Work and Live Program

Work and Live Annual Program an annual program that started some few years and from its onset, it has assisted lots of people to migrate from their different localities to the international countries

We designed this program to assist many people from different African countries with certificate in both trade and or professional skill to migrate by sponsoring them to the country of their under an agreement.

Tourist/Visiting/Family Visa

Tourist or Visiting Visa Processing can sometime be hard for someone that has no travel experience or that don’t know how to go about it, Visiting another country and stay there for some while is a bit hard because it takes lots of scrutiny and questions to the applicants and it require submitting a valid visa application to be able to scale through, having an invitation from a party that is already a permanent resident or even a citizen in the visiting country does not give 100 percent assurance of getting a visiting visa majorly for a person who is trying to travel to that country for the first time,

Going through ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited will give you an open option to choose what to do to get the visa without stress,

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Conjugal or Partner Visa:

This visa is majorly meant for those applicants whose their fiance or partner is in other country different from theirs, with this visa a partner of the citizen of the country can have access to enter the country and there become a citizen after their wedding, but as simple as that is, there are still lots of processes that entails to get this visa. All these processes are not fully open to the public for some security reasons. Reach us for guidelines or

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Work Visa Processing:

Work Visa is a very hardest visa to get outside the job hosting country, this visa is also known as work permit, having this visa gives the holder the full privilege to live in the job hosting country without any embarrassment by the Citizenship Immigration Officers. but it is for ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited to process it for applicants with the help of our International Office in  Ontario which cover the processing of jobs and work permits.

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Sports Development Package

Are you a footballers, or sport persons?
Would you love to develop your skills and become an Internationally recognized stars in your selected sport?
We offer assistance to migrate to one of the following continents, America, Europe and Asia.

We can help you in your dream of moving to an oversea destination and becoming an International sports star

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Client Registration

All these packages required registration fee of NGN7,500:01k.

To be able to register for any of these forms, You need to Register with us.

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