Sponsor Terms and Conditions

This annual program is designed for Africans to migrate from to their home country to international countries listed below.

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. United States of America


    This program require applicants to pay the following fees at request (not at registration with us but at the completion of documentation) these payment is apart from the registration fee as service fee are charged to client after the Visa is granted.
    (a) Visa Application Fee
    (b) Accommodation fee. (To be paid at the property)
    (c) Conference Registration fee

From our studies and from the beginning of this program, we have discovered that majority of Africans have what international employers want but due to some factors that we cannot explain or venture into, the Africans many times find it very difficult to migrate into these countries in searching for a greener pastures.
This brings in ITEN Travels and Migrations Limited with the aim to stand between blacks, and the whites to bridge the trust gaps and to connect black employees with employers in the above mentioned countries.

The followings are the terms governing the program


  1. Applicants must accept terms and conditions includes the refund policies
  2. Applicants must understand that all decisions for granting of a visa remain with the Government and not ITEN Travels decisions,
  3. Also applicant must understand that visa is not an automatic thing as it requires lots of patience till its out. 

What are the jobs available under this program?

What are the requirements needed to meet up with this program criteria?  

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