Sports Development

The world of sport in the entire universe is taking a different look in its development mainly among the youths and it has been a source for which many people have made it in real life,

There are lots of professional footballers, wrestlers, swimmers, hockey players, to mention but few in the world but from the investigation research, it has been discovered that Africans are very stronger when it comes to competition or tournaments.

Thereby ITEN Travel Professionals has partnered with some sport academics under the following categories

  • (a) Soccer
  • (b) Hockey
  • (c) Wrestle
  • (d) Basket Ball
  • (e) Tennis, – Table and Lawn.

The partnership is to support and to bring in any sport-person who have interest in developing their skills in the sporting area of their choice into the international country. and by so doing there will be a lot of people been recruited into the sporting world.

Therefore registration for this opportunity is just a token and anyone chosen will be assisted to travel abroad to continue their sport activities,

Applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be minimum of 18 years or maximum of 30 years
  • Must have complete a primary education
  • Must have an International Passport.
  • Must be ready to receive a six month training
  • Must have a sporting background.
  • Must have $180 or equivalent in other currencies to register.

To register please

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